A few months ago, my sister gave me a little Crockpot that I was so excited about. I looked up so many recipes to make in my Crockpot, but my sister and mother rained on my parade and told me that this little one is only made for keeping dips and quesos hot. But this morning I had this huge craving for chicken tacos and the best way I have had chicken tacos makes the chicken meat in the Crockpot. Since it was jut me for dinner today, I figured I could make a small version of Crockpot chicken tacos… IT WORKED OUT PERFECT!!! This recipe is so easy, but beware: you will need tons of napkins because it is so dang messy. But usually the messier the meal=the tastier the meal!

These are all the ingredients that you will be using:


The recipe calls for taco seasoning, but I did not want to waste money on that so I just made my own little seasoning that consisted of black pepper, salt, chili, garlic, chopped dehydrated onions, and quite a bit of cumin. I did not measure this but it it would probably be about a teaspoon of each spice, but go a little overboard on the cumin. You will also need about a half cup of picante, like Pace’s that I used and 3 strips of chicken breast tenderloin. Now, here’s the hard part … Throw everything in your little Crockpot!!


This will take about 3-4 hours to cook! About 30 minutes before it is done, shred the chicken using two forks so that the sauce will cover allllll of your chicken.


Delish, right?!?! You can wrap this baby up in a tortilla and top it with whatever you like such as cheese, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, tomatillo sauce, and lettuce. I love guacamole on mine, but my avocados were bad 😦 , so I just topped it with sour cream and cheese! Hope that you and your family find this recipe to be easy, yummy, and messy.

With love, from Texas!